A Day in LA

Waking up early to head to downtown can be a little rough. While you’re hungover as well makes it really rough. All in all plans went better than expected and our hats are on their way to being complete, so there really isn’t any room for complaint, just anxious to see everything start coming together. After our date with traffic on the way home, Cody, Casey, and I decided it was finally time to go back to my old place to grab the necessities from my once-was room. I was a little sketched out in case Brian was there, but to my surprise and joy, he wasn’t.

I wasn’t sure how long we actually had to grab my shit before he got back, so we made sure we got in and out as fast as possible. I already knew both the front and back doors were dead-bolted, so I climbed onto my fence to reach the roof where the window was to my room. Luckily he didn’t add locks to the window so I leaped into that hell hole and rushed downstairs to unlock the door for Cody and Casey. Well, the clever mother-fucker had a two sided deadbolt on both doors so there was no way to let them in. So instead I yelled out the front window to tell them it was locked. Immediately both of them followed my routine and hopped onto the roof to help me. We handled it like a well oiled conveyer belt; I would pass what I chose was important enough to grab to Cody, who passed it to Casey, who climbed back down (in a pretty impressive manner by the way) to store it into Cody’s car. After nearly breaking my computer trying to get it down, we grabbed some clothes and other things and started to get the hell out of there. However before I climbed back out, I decided I should look downstairs in case he had any “presents” for us. And just as I thought, I found two handles of alcohol, one being Tequila and the other being Vodka. Not my best friends, but still worth it. I made my escape before Brian could come back to discover his missing friends, stored them in the trunk, and we took off. So in the end, today was a good day.


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