Her Name Was Weakness


She walked to me from the corner of Bleak and Wretched, leaned in with cleavage out and asked if there was something I wanted to mention. I looked and I laughed, then proceeded to ask, “why are you begging for attention?” “Just a little lonely.” She said she would do half price for me only. Hesitant at first, but I was thinking with my second mind. So I lied and I said, “Well a girl like you isn’t easy to find.” She scurried over to the car when the idea poured through, that a soul like me is about as worthless as you. Before she got in is when I got out, and right in your face I shouted, “please don’t speak my actions aloud!” Then I stuffed your loud ass mouth with Mentos and warned you, “I get off to this!” chuckled to myself, cut your fucking throat then shot diet Pepsi up your esophagus. I swear blood flow ascended past my head, so I opened my umbrella. Lit a stoge, and in a calming tone said, “how about this weatha?”

Fuck weakness, buy yourself a Lady Killers tee.


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