We’re back! Vegas was definitely everything we wanted it to be. The drive went faster than imagined, and although it was tiring it still didn’t stop us from picking up a bottle of Ciroc and staying up until we got to see that Vegas sunrise. After a quick three hour power nap, we all woke up around 10AM to grab a quick bite to eat. Next on the list was to finally find and consume our first Fat Tuesdays so we could really get Vegas going properly. Unfortunately even after we downed each of our drinks, we still weren’t feeling the alcohol. So in the meantime while we waited for the rest of our friend to meet up with us, we decided to head to the Wynn shopping center. After some shopping we all decided to split up in our separate directions. Alex and Kaitlyn went to The Cosmopolitan, while Cody and Gooby roamed around the Venetian, as Zack, Minnie, and I ventured through The Mirage. After going around grabbing a couple drinks and watching Zack come up 500$ somehow through slots, everyone decided to meet back at the hotel to finally celebrate the night together. Eventually everyone except for Kaitlyn and Alex were back in the hotel enjoying some 7&7’s. Finally Alex came stumbling in with his super Fat Tuesday dragging behind him, with Kaitlyn shaking her head mid laughter, we were finally all together ready to take on the night. And more importantly, we were all very drunk. We finished off our night with some dangerously drunk late night gambling before Zack and I went back to The Mirage for one last Hinky Dink, and then we all passed out. More laughs were shared than I can even remember, and I would love to share some of the stories but it’s something you just had to be a part of. All I really can say is “I AM DRINK” 2012 was a complete success.

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