A Humble Start

I’m a hollow man encased around a general body, your everyday twenty year old killing his days with every poison that comes into grasp. If I’m not out trying to get black out drunk with the few friends I have, I’m locked in my room trying to find any way to make my days turn to haze. I’ve kept this routine up for a solid three years give or take, broke as a joke and unemployed, no car or even a phone, I am apathetic towards every aspect of life. I can’t even find the motivation to search for an inspiration, I am adrift, yet not worth reaching for. My name is Vinny Marano.

Only a couple of weeks ago, I could honestly call this my life, and that would be the fullest depth of it. No special talents, no drive of any passion, not even any dark depression or rays of happiness. and if it wasn’t for the recent changes in my life, I could guarantee I would still be in my room, locked away, fucking with whatever drug was in my household. And there were quite a few. Luckily for me, so to say, everything happened to force these recent changes.

It began on such a typical night, I ventured out of my house to go on my quest for alcohol. On that night my friends and I chose to go to Cody Baird’s house, creator of City Approval and my close friend since high school. This happened often since he is one of the only friends who live on their own. I eventually got picked up by one of my friends, while another would buy a handle of whatever we could afford to get destroyed, I was a pretty professional mooch who’s lucky my friends just wanted to have a good time. Finally we arrived and I had reached the only goal I had, getting drunk.

The sun would rise and I would either still be drunk trying to find any alcohol left over to keep it going, or miserably hungover begging, literally groveling, for someone to give me a ride home. On this morning it was another hangover from hell, so the patheticalness ensued. Eventually everyone wanted to stop dealing with my shit and left, so Cody kindly stopped his work to drive me into the depths of the valley where I lived with my mom and step dad, Brian. Normally, I would walk in and immediately run upstairs into my room, going unnoticed by either of them and pass out on my bed until it reached nighttime again so I could restart the cycle. However, this day I wasn’t so “fortunate”.

The door was locked and I came to learn that my keys were of no use, the lock was changed to a deadbolt. Confused, furious, and feeling like misery I used Cody’s phone to call my mom since I was lucky that he stuck around to make sure I got in. All I heard were tears and mumbles until she eventually just hung up on me. Now lost, worried, and even more furious I had no answers and no options, not that I knew of at least. Cody was nice enough to let me come back over to chill while he worked, and so I did until I could figure out what the fuck was going on. My mom eventually called back explaining that Brian had recently found a new slut bartender to maybe work for their bar (I should have probably mentioned they owned a bar together, oop) and she apparently wanted him as a bonus. Being the fat, spoiled rotten, piece of shit that he happens to be, he accepted the offer with open arms. Now of course a guy this awful couldn’t happen to have an ounce of courage either, so his version of, “I want a divorce.” was translated into “Hey let me change the locks to the house and cancel all your debit cards, now go away.”

So I was left without a stable living situation, still broke and unemployed, no car and no phone. Yet, once again, Cody came to the rescue. He told me without hesitation that it was okay for me to stay here a few nights and borrow a couple sets of clothes. After a few days passed I didn’t know how I could possibly show my appreciation for his generosity, so I just started helping him clean up after he had our friends over. Slowly but surely I started watching how he prints his shirts, as well as all the other processes before, after, and in-between. I just wanted to be an extra set of hands to help out while he let me stay at his house. As more days continued to pass he saw my attempt to help in any way shape or form, so he offered me a chance to help with his company. At first it seemed hopeless with no experience or education in the industry, or even going to school in general for the possibility. So we weren’t exactly sure if there was anything I could do. Eventually after constant brainstorming I told him about how I would free write occasionally on Tumblr, and he excitingly told me about how I could help with social media marketing.┬áHesitant at first, I felt like all I would do is either screw it up or give it up, so I didn’t even want to give it a try. Yet slowly I went to a few of his meetings just to test the waters, and gradually my confidence began to grow. And well now here I am, giving it my best. I’m cleaned up and eager to continue growing with the company, this was my throwback, my story, to show you how and why I’m here. My name is Vinny Marano, and I work for City Approval.