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Neck-Breakin’ in Little Tokyo

Neck-breaking [nek-brey king] – A verb used to describe when there’s too many beautiful women passing by that your neck breaks from the constant turning to look back and catch another glimpse. Well, that’s what it felt like at least during our drive downtown last night. Little Tokyo is a great little area to take a trip to, even if it’s just to go grab some sushi with friends, which is exactly what we did. Obviously some of the surrounding areas are sketch, but I don’t feel that takes away from the joy you have from the sights and delicious little restaurants, as long as you’re aware of where to stay away from. It was the perfect evening to clear my head from all the recent nonsense that’s been going on, and helped to keep my head in the game. I have no clue how to conclude this… stay tuned? Sure let’s go with that.


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