More and more orders are coming in, and it’s definitely raising the spirits of everyone. Jagged bumps and bruises hit us every now and then, but I feel like that’s mandatory in every area of life. Since my first post that started it all for me, I’ve been so focused that I can literally feel all the negativity slowly drain its way out of my body. It’s like looking at the world through an entirely different set of eyes. Now at night I see the shining of the stars rather than the darkness of the night, or growing trees rather than decaying leaves with our newly started season. That goes for everyone in City Approval. Cody’s morale is rising, and the remastered confidence is definitely being shown within the company. Casey went back to school to finish getting his diploma, and I’m going just to take a graphic design class and hopefully grab my certificate for it as well. Gooby is grinding in school too, as well as staying on point with all the financial and law aspects for the company. Morals are high, and productivity is even higher.

Speaking of Gooby, last night we were all outside getting a breath of fresh air, smoking a cigarette (irony fully intended) and he was bringing up some really positive viewpoints. We were just tossing words about how we hardly drink as much as we all used to, yet we all hang out twice as much. Before we were just a group of hoodlum friends, drinking poisons as a priority, but now were a team (of hoodlums) expanding off each other for greater things in life. Now alcohol is just a subtle luxury, and we’re a fiercely wrapped team. In fact, we’re more than a team, we are a family. We are City Approval.


More and more o…